Welcome at multiPE project!

multiPE is the first WinBuilder project which builds a PE from XP, Win2003, Vista and Win7 sources.
Currently only x86 sources are supported. From history, x64 source use is included in some scripts and perhaps may work. But full support of x64 is not intended for the near future.
x64 PEs do not offer remarkable advantages compared with x86 PEs (Which PE adresses more than 3 GB of memory?).
And they do not run on older 32-bit hardware.

The project has three main parts:
  • Building the core. Depending on the source, fundamental files and registry entries are added to the target.
  • Adding custom apps and drivers
  • Building the final PE with PEFactory, either as single boot or as part of a multiboot media.
    multiboot media is optionally ISO (CD / DVD) or UFD
The build is 'complete' including shortcuts, associations, etc. No shortcut generation, registry entries etc. are necessary during boot. That decreases boot time.

Several 'Speed Up Functions' are new developed for the multiPE project. Revolutionary is the 'RamTarget' functionality. Depending on the hardware, a small PE3 including internet access can be built in less than one minute.

multiPE supports the WinBuilder 'Certificate' functionality. That helps the user to proof whether the used scripts are logically 'as delivered'.

Server for single script downloads with WinBuilder's Download Center: http://multipe.exec-se.de/
You should use the download center after a download of the whole project.
Maybe in the mean time some fixes / addons are added to the project.

Peter Schlang alias 'pscEx'